Make Money Saving Money with Dealspotr

*Disclosure: I do receive points on the website for this review. These are my honest opinions and yours may vary.*

I am so happy I get an email invite to this new website. It is called There is a points system they use and you can get rewards for getting points. Each level has a different reward amount. There is a social aspect to earning points. You get to go through your custom list of deals and spot them. Spotting means you are backing up that deal and saying that it is truly a deal that is working and active. You get points when people spot your deals too so it is not a good idea to try to make up deals to get points. 

You can earn points by doing your daily task list, posting deals, and writing a review. I am working on my gold level now. I have found tons of great deals on the site and love browsing it because it is deals I want to see. I have a feed that shows me the types of deals I am looking for. I did a survey at the beginning so they know what I want to see. It is a fun sight and great way to find deals. Go check it out and start earning your points now. Getting paid to post deals is my idea of fun!


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