Speakstick Shower Speaker

*Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. These are my experiences and opinions and yours may differ.*

(Ignore the hard water marks lol)

I love listening to music in the shower but we do not have a boom box and my phone alone is not loud enough. I was so happy to test out the Speakstick bluetooth shower speaker. It is so easy to use. I just connect it to my phone and stuck it to my shower wall. 

It has a power button, skip forward, skip backward, and a pause button. The only thing I think it could use is a volume button. To turn it up or down I have to use my phone so I am sure to set my volume before jumping in the bath or shower. 

It is easily charged with a cord it comes with. You just plug into your computer and charge. I would say the battery does last a good while. I am very happy with the speaker and glad I got to test it out.
You can purchase it at the link below.


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