Praying For Your Husband From Head To Toe Book Review

*Disclosure: I did receive this book free in exchange for my honest review. These are my opinions only and yours may differ.*

Prayer is a great tool that Christians have access to. I pray for everything from having a good day to when I have a huge problem and know that only God can help me. One problem I have though is praying for others. I usually don't know what to pray or I start to and end up going back to me. I know it sounds pretty selfish but I have just never been good at praying for others. I can pray small things for them in my head but if you ask me to do it out loud it is a whole different story. It is the fear factor that I really need to get over. Since I am a married woman it is very important that I pray for my husband. If I don't I feel as though I am not doing all my wifely duties. 

I know that he prays for me daily as he should. I am able to easily pray for him after reading this book. It is a great daily guide to help any wife learn what to pray for husband and family. It starts out talking about what fear is and eventually moves into thirty days of scripture prayer. Each day you will pray different parts of your husband’s body such as eyes, ears, neck, and even mouth. It was a huge help in getting me more into my prayer time and more into praying for my husband. I think it is a book that all Christian wives need in their home. Look for it at your local Christian bookstore. 


  1. I need this book but I think my husband needs a lot more than just prayers.