Zoye Soybean Oil and But-R-Lite Review

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary sample in order to facilitate my review. This did not impact my review. My review is my honest opinion and experience and yours may differ.*

I love to fry a lot of foods but always feel like I am using unhealthy oils. I was happy to be introduced to Zoye oil because I was more than happy to try a new oil. Zoye Vegetable Oil is soybean oil, is among the healthiest of all edible oils, and is made with renewable energy. As an everyday salad, cooking and frying oil, Zoye is also Non-GMO, low in saturated fat and one of the few non-fish sources of omega-3 fatty acids. The best part about this oil is that it does not taste funny but is great tasting. 
I used it as an oil to fry foods and it worked great for me. I actually went and bought more! It is an oil that I will be using for a very long time to come.

Their other product I tried is called But-R-Lite. Zoye But-R-Lite is a healthier alternative to butter as it is dairy free, gluten free and a versatile margarine substitute great for frying, sautéing and as a pan coating. It’s delicious as an oil for popping popcorn and works well as a yummy topping for corn-on-the-cob, pancakes, popcorn and everything else you would like buttered! I used it on corn, in pancakes, to pop popcorn, and for sautéing. It worked very well and was just as tasty as any other butter you would use. If you are looking for healthier alternatives I would give these a try. 

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