Tips to Keep Kids Reading This Summer

There are many ways to engage kids and keep them reading throughout the summer. Even though my child is not in school we tend to be busier in the summer and I want her to still get book time in. I have found some ways that I want to share that will help keep kids reading even in summer.

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There are a lot of summer reading programs. These programs have parents or kids that can write down hours and books read. At the end of summer they get a prize for reading. Above is the ad for our local library summer reading program. We are already signed up and will be joining a kickoff party this week end. Barnes & Noble has a program you can sign up for by clicking the link as well as Scholastic.

Another tip is to read books that have to do with summer or summer activities like camping or beach days. You can get a list of a few on my other post: summer books.

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Taking books outdoors is a great idea in the summer. Kids will think it is fun and you can get fresh air while reading. Make a picnic lunch and pack a book or two and even hike to eat and read somewhere.

Make a reading corner for your child to be able to read on their on this summer. My daughter has a little corner in her room with a big comfy pillow. She takes her books over there sometimes and enjoys them by herself.

Make sure you as a parent are enjoying reading and it will encourage your kids to keep reading this summer. How do you keep your kids reading in summer?


  1. My grandson is just beginning to read. He loves it and we make sure he has great beginner reading books. I'll have to check out the Barnes and Noble program for him. It's great to be co-hosting with you at the #HomeMattersParty

  2. Such a good idea Angela, to keep and encourage children to read. I am sure your kids will thank you for it as they grow up.
    Kathleen, #HomeMattersParty

  3. I set aside a time everyday where we are electronics free and it is reading time. I love cohosting #HomeMattersParty with you.

  4. these are great tips for summer reading I try to keep my son reading during the summer so he stays up with his class once school starts back up he wont be behind