Making Time for God's Word

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As a busy mom I sometimes find it hard to make time to study the word of God. I think I have finally found a great tool to help me make more time to study. I have tried using daily devotionals but usually I lose the book or my husband takes it. I have learned some things that work for me in making more time for God and want to share a few of them today. 

Make it a priority to spend time with God daily. When you make something a priority you are more likely to do it. You can wake up earlier or go to bed later to have the time you need to get into the word. 

Take a scared pause and spend 5 or 10 minutes with God. This is from a sermon my pastors at church have been preaching on and it fits perfect here. If you take 3 10 minute sacred pauses throughout the day you will have spent 30 minutes with God. To take a sacred pause you just stop and talk to God or read your bible for 5 or 10 minutes. 

My last tip is to get a Bible that has added reading or a reading plan in it. The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible that I was sent from Family Christian for review is a great Bible.

 It has added sections in it like 52 days with Phil and Al. This section takes you to pages which Phil or Al Robertson have shared a story that works as a devotional. At the end of their section they have a list of Bible verses that go with it. I think this is fun to read because they are sharing their personal stories and letting you know how God has helped them. These sections do usually focus around one topic such as fear or anxiety. 

When you finish those sections there are also life changers in the beginning of the bible that share how Al and Phil have changed lives of other through the word.
Making time for the word of God is very important in your Christian walk with God. I may be a busy mom but I will always find time to talk with God.  You can learn more about this bible at Duck Commander Faith and Family NKJV Bible. 
How do you get your time in with God and his word?


  1. Hi, here from #HomeMAttersPArty.
    I try to make Bible reading and prayer a priority. I have a rule to read the Bible, before FB, etc.
    I mess up sometimes, but just having the rule helps me focus! I'm alone at home now, so really no excuse for not spending time with Jesus. Love the idea of sacred pauses.

  2. Love the tip about sacred pauses. And that Bible looks really great! Thanks for sharing & for co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty :)

  3. I love the idea of sacred pauses! Thanks for co-hosting with us at the - we love having you! :)

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  4. This is SO important! And I didn't even know they HAD a Bible, how fun! Thanks so much for being a co-host at the #HomeMattersParty - we love having you!

  5. Making time for God is so important in our walk with Him. I like the idea of short pauses. Have not seen the Duck Commander Bible before. Happy to be co-hosting the Home Matters linky party with you.