God Bless My Boo Boo Review/Giveaway

*Disclosure: I am a Tommy Nelson Mommy and was provided complimentary books to facilitate my review. These are my experiences and opinions yours may differ.*

Does your child get hurt often or are you scared to let them do something because they may get hurt? This book is the book for you if so. I am always scared to let my daughter do things where she may fall or get hurt. I know boo boos will happen but if I can prevent them I will. In my house if a boo boo happens mommy or daddy kisses it. I can honestly say I have never thought about telling her God will make it better. This is something I really need to work on!

This is another book with great illustrations that kept her wanting to look and read. It tells stories of animals who get hurt and reminds kids (and adults) that God is always there and can make things better. It is such a cute book written for ages 0-4. You can enter below to win a copy now. You can learn more about the book at God Bless My Boo Boo.


  1. My kids very rarely get booboos but I know whenever my toddler gets one all I have to do is give it a kiss and it's better lol