Pinecone Birdfeeder Project

Pine cone bird feeders 

Spring is finally here! I thought it would be fun to do a little Spring project with my daughter and nieces. I remember doing this when I was a young kid and had so much fun doing it. Pine cone bird feeders are easy to make and do not require a lot of tools to make them.

Items needed:

Pine cones
Bird Seed
Twine or yarn
Peanut butter (can use crisco for kids with allergies)


The first thing you want to do is cut your twine or yarn and tie it to the pine cones. If this is not done first it would be really hard to do.

Next is the fun and dirty part. Scoop peanut butter out and cover the pine cone with it. You do want to be sure to cover as much as possible. This is a part most kids love to do.

While the kids are doing that you can get some seeds into a bowl or on a plate for the pine cones to be covered in. I went a cheap route and actually bought a bird feeder and took seeds out of it. I was not able to find a small bag of seeds anywhere close.

When they have the pine cones covered in peanut butter you can then get them covered in the bird seed.

Rolling the pine cone around was the easier way for us to get this part done. This is the last step in making them.

You could add other seeds like sunflower seeds or fruit to your feeders as well. We chose not to this time but might next time. This is a very easy project that even my 3 year old was able to do and enjoy. We still need to find a place to hang ours to attract some birds. You do want to try to place it so that squirrels can't get to it. They will likely destroy it.
Have you ever made these before?


  1. No, I never made one of those--but it sure looks fun and EASY and the birds will definitely thank you!!