Life Transitions and Changes

I am going through a lot of changes in my life right now and need to blog about them. Some will be in another post though. For now I want to talk about my schooling. I am no longer able to continue with school due to financial reasons. I will be transitioning into a full time stay at home mom! This far I have been more into schooling than anything. I do stay at home with my daughter but unfortunately was not able to give her all of me. I will now be able to take better care of our home and give her all of me. We will have to get into a new routine around here. I will of course still be blogging. It may not be as much as I want though.

The above picture is how I would feel today if it were true haha. I am actually in jammies because I have messed up knee and am on painkillers for it. I am excited for my new role in life but am a little uncertain as to how long I will be a SAHM and where I will be going from here. That will be in another post though. I give props to the moms out there who work and take care of kids and house! I can't imagine how hard that is and am not sure I would be able to balance it all. 
Any tips for a new full time stay at home mom? Are you a working mom? If so how do you balance it all?


  1. Hi! Thanks for hosting the Home Matters Linky Party! Thought I would pop in and glad I did because I definitely have been where you are. My advice is easier said than done: Keep a busy, yet flexible schedule. One of the great things about being a stay at home mom is that you are in charge of where you and your kids are and what you are doing all day long. That's also one of the worst things. Keep in touch with friends and have things scheduled (some necessary things, some fun things for the you and the kids). GIVE yourself some PJ days, just not every day! And this is so important: Continue schooling yourself. You can do that. You don't need a school. Learn new things (and whenever possible include your daughter in the learning). It will keep you from feeling stagnant. I LOVE being a stay at home mom. Many days are harder than working out of the house but over all for me, it is much more rewarding. I transitioned from full time work when my daughter was 2 and now she is 4 and we have an almost 1 year old boy as well. Have fun and enjoy this time with your daughter!

  2. I am a work-at-home mom (blogging) and I am also a student. I also help my husband get through school since he works full-time outside the home and attends school full-time. To be honest, I have no idea how I juggle it all. I won't lie when I say some days I am lucky if I shower let alone have the house clean. With 2 young boys I feel nothing is ever clean for longer than 5 minutes. I found that having a to-do list next to my computer keeps me in line every day. I list items by priority and ones towards the bottom can be moved to the next day. It will be a transition for you but I am sure you will love it :). Thanks for being a co-host with me at the #HomeMattersParty. Looking forward to another great party this week.

  3. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - We hope to see you again next week!
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