Tips to Surviving the Dentist with a Preschooler

Many of my readers saw that my daughter recently had some cavities filled. She had 4 done to be exact. Apparently her tooth enamel was just weak to begin with so she never had a chance. She does enjoy brushing her teeth now but did not used to. It was really hard to prepare her for what was going to happen. I thought it would be nice to share some tips for other moms who may need to go through this too.

1.)  Try to describe what will be happening to your child in words they will understand the night before the procedure. I told Christine that the dentist would be taking the icky cavity bugs off of her teeth and that it might hurt a little bit.

2.) The picture above is her right before we went back. I did not get any pics while she was in back. Another tip is to be sure you are comfortable with your child's dentist. We searched for a while until we found her current dentist. He is great with children and really good at letting me know what is going on and how to better care for her teeth in her situation.

3.) Be sure to get the laughing gas. This helped Christine calm down and relax before the procedure was started. They did not use any anesthetic on her. Towards the end I was kind of wishing they had.

4.) Be strong for you child and help hold them down if needed. There were two assistants, the dentist, and myself in the room during the procedure. When the dentist started to fill the cavities Christine started freaking out and I had to help keep her legs away from her face. This was the hardest part for me as a mom. I wanted to just tell them to stop but I knew that she needed this done to have healthy teeth.

5.) Give your child a reward even if they fought in the end. The dentist gave Christine a sugar free popsicle when she was all done and she was very happy with it. I think it made her feel better and like she had done a good job. She will want to go back again when we have to. That will come sooner than she knows too. We have to go back to be sure everything is still ok in April

Does or did you child like going to the dentist?


  1. Oh, Angela, my heart goes out for you. I know exactly how hard it is to have to watch your child go through something like that--my Rory has had over 100 hospitalizations in her life. These are some great tips. Mom deserved a Popsicle too. Thanks for sharing and being a co-host at the #HomeMattersParty ! :)

    Life With Lorelai

  2. Great tips! My little girl is 4 and will soon be going herself. She loves playing doctor and dentist but I'm a little worried she won't due to well with them using the tools because of the noise. Hopefully it will go well, though. Glad to be co-hosting with you at the #HomeMattersParty!

    So Simply Stephanie