Spring Flower Craft Guest Post

 My readers know I am not the craftiest person ever. I decided to ask a friend on Facebook (who is an awesome crafter) to write out a cute Spring craft for me. She agreed and I am now sharing it with you all. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!

Hey! So I don't know about anyone else, but seeing the flowers for sale again when I go to the store makes me happy! So I decided to come up with this craft. Straight flash back to my childhood. You'll see why. 

What you need:
A piece of construction paper (I picked brown)
Another piece for the center of your flowers (I picked yellow)
Glue stick
A package of tissue paper found in the gift wrap section of the dollar store.

First you will need to cut three circles out of the paper you chose for the centers of your flowers. Glue them down so they alternate up and down. This gives you plenty of room to create around each circle. 

Once you've done that, cut your tissue paper while all of the colors are stacked on top of each other. Cut it the long way all the way to the end. Then turn it and cut little squares.

Next, draw your glue around the circle wherever you want "pedals" to go! The possibilities here are endless! Then.. (here we go...flashback!) wrap a little square of tissue paper around your pencil and then squish it down onto where you put your glue. (Bringing back any memories??)

And that's it!! We chose to glue some green down for stems and do a little leaf. Let your children use their imaginations and use all of the colors. Get creative with where you draw the glue! Maybe even make one big flower! This is very simple, and will keep your child entertained for quite a while.. Which is always a plus!!

Happy crafting!!



  1. That is truly adorable. I think Madison and I are definitely going to be trying this one.