Spring Cleaning With A Toddler

I have had the week off of school for Spring break and what did I do? I cleaned the apartment up! School takes up a lot of my time and it is hard to get the deep cleaning done. I decided to let Christine help me and we got a lot of Spring cleaning done. I am here to share a few tips on getting the cleaning done and doing it with a toddler/preschooler. I don't like calling her a preschooler because she is not quite there yet.

Tip #1:  Make a schedule
Write out a list of what deep cleaning needs done. Then you should pick a day to work on each area that needs cleaned. You may be able to get more than one area done a day depending on size and time you have available.

Tip #2: Clean bathrooms
When I say clean bathrooms I mean do the floors, sinks, tubs. shower curtains, and even mirrors and lighting. Christine was able to help out by moving everything off of the counter while I wiped down.

The left is before the right is after. I organized and got rid of old stuff. I think it looks much better and there is now more counter space. It will not stay like this for long because my husband does not like to put his things back.

Tip #3: Clean each bedroom
When doing bedrooms do not forget about dressers and closets with last seasons clothes in them. In Colorado I will hang on to a few long sleeve items because we could still get snow or really cold weather.

I need to go through my closet and get rid of things that do not fit anymore. I also plan to organize it better and get rid of some of that stuff on the floor. We have a huge walk in closet so all kinds of stuff gets thrown in there. Christine can help by going through her closet and also her dresser. She can take it all out and we will sort it out.

Tip #4: Clean living room
I dusted all of the pictures and wiped down the entertainment center. In out apartment we have a couple built in book shelves that Christine helped me wipe and organize. We did get rid of a lot of books and other items we no longer needed.

Tip #5: Clean kitchen
We have a smaller kitchen but there is a lot to clean. When you do your kitchen do not forget the pantry. Go through all the cupboards and kids can help take items out and sort. We found any overly expired items and threw them out. We also made a donate pile of things we will not use but have accumulated somehow.
I cleared off counters and wiped them down and next I will tackle the refrigerator. It needs to be wiped down and food thrown out.

I also have a weekly cleaning list that I use. I like to vacuum twice a week or as needed. I mop floors once a week or as needed along with sweeping them. I wipe counters down once a week or as needed. Depending on how much school I have to do will decide what I get cleaned.

How do you stay on top of cleaning?


  1. My computer was down yesterday so I decided to clean a bit. Got some of the dusting done--threw out the recyclables-cleaned the stove. My cat was absolutely NO HELP--she kept trying to get me to stop!! Then the guy came to fix the computer-turns out the transformer in the verizon equipment blew. After that was fixed I had to catch up on computer stuff1

  2. I'm currently overwhelmed in spring cleaning! I like the idea of diving things up section by section and making a schedule. I need to implement something similar so my tasks actually seem doable. It looks like you have a great handle on things !

  3. Schedules are a must so you can stay on task. It feels good to mark things off.

  4. With moving, cleaning is not really happening to much around here right now, except bathrooms and kitchen of course. But I love how you incorporated Christine--I bet she loved helping mommy! Thanks for sharing and co-hosting at the #HomeMattersParty - we love partying with you! 😊

  5. My husband never puts anything away either! I'm not sure why I even try to organize his stuff. ;) I loved helping my mom out around the house when I was little, and I'm sure she appreciated the free labor. Thanks for co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty :)