Healthy Kid Friendly Chicken Salad

This is more of a lunch recipe but could be a Summer dinner. We love chicken salad in our house but I really like to experiment with it. For this recipe I wanted something Spring/Summery. I am ready for the warm weather and the yummy food. This recipe is one kids can help with too.

For the ingredients you will need: Measurements are to your liking

1 can of chicken or fresh chicken breast cut up
1 cup greek yogurt (we used vanilla flavored)
1 cucumber
1 cup baby carrots 
1 tomato
1 cup grapes

The first step of course is to rinse and wash of all produce. This is where the kid can help. Christine loves playing in the water and washing the grapes.

Next you want to cut everything up and drain your chicken. Then add it all to a bowl and mix it up.

I served ours on sandwich bread but it is also really good on tortillas or wraps. The best part about this recipe is it can be changed and you can add or remove what you want. It is also portable so can be taken on a picnic or for a day at the zoo (thinking warm weather again). 

You can find more great recipes and product reviews from our friends at the Village Bakery: Village Bakery
Would you add or take away anything from my recipe? Does your child like chicken salad?


  1. MMMMM... we love chicken salad. Especially healthy chicken salad.

  2. My son has never tried chicken salad, but this one looks great! It looks so much healthier than ones I see at the store. I'll definitely try it this summer.

  3. My son would love this. My daughter doesn't eat non-veg but she'd love the rest!

  4. Oh my gosh, guess what I'm making for lunch today!?! THIS! Thanks for the idea and I know my kids will love it too. They will want to help make it AND eat it :) #homemattersparty

  5. Yummy yummy. You make it one of the ways I make it. I love chicken salad sandwiches. I put some chicken breasts in the roaster pan on Sunday, put a little water and season in there. Slow cook on low for a while. Shred. Lunch for me is ready for the week. I work from home so it saves me from poking around in the cabinets. LOL