5 Tips to Create A Child Friendly Home (Guest Post)

Today I'm guest posting on First Time Mommy Adventures. I think I know a thing or two (and mind you I said think) when it comes to children, after all I have 4 of my own ranging in ages 18 - 3. Everyone knows Madison of Growing Up Madison and her brothers but yes there is just one more. Today I want to talk about ways you can create a child friendly home. Have you ever walked into a home and almost turned around and walked out? Glass tables, knick knacks galore, and sharp edges around every corner. Yes it has happened to me before walking into a home with a toddler. You don’t want to be “that” family, so make sure you know how to create a kid friendly home.

#1. Keep Glass Out

Glass is so easy to break and so dangerous to have around kids. If you want to create a kid friendly home, then glass is out. Glass comes in many shapes and forms and unfortunately, there’s no easy way to keep it away from little hands. I always say that it’s one of the first things they find and break.

#2. Utilize Child Proofing Products

Sometimes we look at the child proofing products available on the market and laugh. All laughing aside, the gadgets do look goofy but they have been created for a reason. You might have to put a baby proof latch on the fridge or potty, you never know.

#3. Keep the Cleaner Chemical Free

Cleaning is something that all parents HAVE to do. However, when you allow children to enter that domain, you have to cut the chemicals off. You can replace harmful chemicals in your home with simple items like hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol.

#4. Every Day Items Put Away

Items that you wouldn’t normally think of putting away, should be put away to help make your home kid friendly. All kitchen knives should be pushed back on the counter or put up high. Lighters, candles, and any other sharp items should also be put up high. It’s smart to get on your knees (so you’re the height of a child) to see what could go wrong in each room.

#5. Talk About Safety

There are just some things you cannot move in your home like the walls and flooring. A serious conversation about safety is needed, considering the children are old enough to understand what you’re saying. Putting up boundaries and rules is one way to ensure the kids that enter your home stay safe.

Here are some other things you can do to create a kid friendly home:

* Put door and window alarms in place. It’s nice to know when a child has tried to escape.

* Baby gates work wonders for stairs.

* Make sure all pools are covered or there’s an alarm on the pool if someone falls in.

Making your home safe will help you to be a little more relaxed as a parent. Follow these tips to help you create a kid friendly home.


  1. Thank you for letting us guest post today. I have to admit that mine isn't completely kid friendly but we're getting there. We can never remember to put things away but thankfully Madison knows what's to be touched and what shouldn't but you can never be too careful.

  2. What a great set of ideas. We're in a short-term furnished rental... it is NOT kid friendly.

  3. My apartment was child friendly for many years since my friends were always bringing their kids over! Even this apartment is actually--now if I could just cat proof it!!

  4. These are great tips for those who need to make their space child friendly. We were very fortunate that kiddo wasn't really one of those kids who were overly curious and got in to things.

  5. Ugh, we had a glass coffee table of all things when our daughter was born. When she got old enough to walk she bumped her head on it and that table went out of the house in an instant, and we were kicking ourselves for getting all things out of the way but that one huge one. Lesson def. learned.