Send Me Gluten Free Subscription Box Review

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary samples in order to facilitate my review. These are my opinions and experiences and yours may differ. Post may contain affiliate links.*

Send Me Gluten Free is a monthly subscription box packed with all gluten free items. So many people I know have been diagnosed with issues where they can no longer eat gluten. They are having a hard time finding healthy and tasty foods to eat. I am not strictly gluten free but I really love to try new products and test gluten free brands out. My box had a lot of stuff in it!

There were 7 items total in my box and I have used them all. Sometimes I am sent a box and do not use all the items. Thankfully I got to try all of these out.

My favorite in the box would have to be the Birch Benders gluten free pancake/waffle mix. I made pancakes and will try waffles soon with it. It was very tasty and even my daughter loved them.

The next item I must have forgotten to take a picture of. It is the sore no more and it came right when I needed it. I have been having knee pains and I used the hot one on my knee. It worked way beyond what I expected. It made me knee feel awesome!

I was not a huge fan of Free For All Kitchens' brownie thins but only because they were too chocolaty for me. I like chocolate but not in huge doses. I know I am weird but I have always been this way. They were tasty and no icky after taste though.

These throat drops are great. I recently got sick and used all three of them. They really soothed my throat and taste great too. I am looking to buy more soon too.

I like the Nogii because it had chocolate and caramel in it. It was good and filling.

This bar was a little too chocolaty for me as well. It was good but just too much chocolate.

I have had these chips before and loved them. I was happy to see them in the box. They are crunchy and make great tasty snacks.

The last thing I got was an ocho bar in coconut flavor. I forgot to get a picture though. I had done a whole review on these and loved them.

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