SAHM Confessions Friday

This week I want to start with saying I love the confessions I have gotten the past two weeks! Please feel free to confess whatever you want even if you are not a SAHM. Have some fun with me.

Confession #1

My daughter has taken over our bed. We co-slept when she was a baby because it was easy to nurse her. As she got older she just stayed with us. When we got a new apartment she now has her own room. We got her a toddler bed and she was doing so good sleeping in it. We had to switch apartments and now she is back with us. Ahhh I want our bed back! She comes up with excuses about being scared so we got night lights in her room but they don't help. I am now putting my foot down and put her to bed in her bed and I lie on the floor until she is asleep.
Soon my bed will be mine again (in my sinister voice).

Confession #2

I am a little depressed lately. I have been stuck at the same weight no matter what I do it's not coming off. It really makes me want to start smoking again. I am battling that urge daily now. I finally made an appointment with my gastric bypass surgeon (another post) for next week.

Confession #3

Sometimes I don't fight and she wears the Minnie Mouse dress from Halloween that doesn't fit anymore. Thankfully we were home all day this day but it was a fight. I did get to throw the dress away. It had holes and stains that won't come out.

Confession #4

I like to think I am a good cook but sometimes even I will not eat my food haha. I made some homemade chicken noodle soup in the crock pot a little while back. I must have used the wrong kind of noodles because when it was done they were more like crackers in soup. It was pretty nasty and next time I will use different noodles or cook them separately.

Confession #5

I have passed my love for Hello Kitty onto my daughter. I really like that they have brought her back. There are a few other toys I am happy to see back as well. I pretty much forced Hello Kitty back in my house. I bought my daughter Kitty shoes, purse, lunch bag, and even Build a Bears. Definitely not a bad thing though.

Your turn. What are your confessions this week?


  1. Doesn't it make you feel better to get that stuff out of your mind and onto the screen!! My confession is I'm tired of people complaining about the snow when we here in our mountains have gotten hardly any. Quit complaining and UPS it to me!! :)

  2. I actually did a similar post this week. I am also struggling with weight loss.

  3. The sleeping could become an issue yet it is all about choices and parenting decisions and I confess I love Hello Kitty too =)

  4. You are mentally stronger than you think. you can kick the habit to the curb. I know depression sometimes overwhelms but take time to find other outlets of creativity and simple pleasures that you enjoy!

  5. My confession is that my husband and I stink at getting our kids to sleep in their own beds...and we have four kids! Luckily it has only been one kid at a time! :)

  6. I was also struggling with weight loss- over 40 now so it is harder to loose the weight.. until I found an awesome program, along with 'clean eating' and have lost 20lbs so far!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I hope you have a better week. Toddlers can be trying but it's just a phase that will quickly pass.

    Winter time alone can cause depression and it's good that you acknowledged it.

  8. She looks adorable in this dress; no wonder she loves it so much...

  9. What a fun post! Yes, my kids love dressing up and wearing their costumes all day! We even have lazy days where everyone is in their PJs!

  10. None of those are bad confessions. My daughter has taken over our bed and we have never let any of our kids stay in our bed this long.

  11. Haha! We haven't reached the want to wear something over and over stage yet but I feel it coming.

  12. I think all of these are normal for stay at home moms! Thanks for being so open and honest and sharing your life :)