Potty Training Bootcamp Success

We go to the best pediatrician ever! We went in for my daughter's 3 year well child check last week. She is doing great and growing on schedule. 85th percentile for weight (35lbs) and 85th for height (38 1/2 inches). Her doctor talked to me about discipline, potty training, eating, and let me ask all the questions I had. We had been going to a pretty bad doctor before this one and I am happy to have found this practice. If you are in the area you need to check out Parker Peds. 

Anyways, she had awesome advice for potty training. She said to do a rewards system (like a lot of friends and readers had mentioned). We ran to the Dollar Tree and grabbed a basket and some goodies right after our appointment. She said to change up the prize each time my daughter went potty. We grabbed toys and one box of candy. I even let my daughter personalize the little basket we used with some stickers we picked up. 

I was also told to set a time for every 30 minutes and make her sit on the potty. I had been pushing drinks so that she was successful as well. She did have a few accidents the first two days and now she tells me when she needs to go. We do not even use the timer and it has been 4 days since we started. The doctor and I think my daughter was just being lazy and the doctor telling her it was time was just the push she needed. We also made it fun and that helped a lot.

I asked on Facebook about taking a trip while potty training and got some good advice. Some people said to use a pull up on the drive and others said that would confuse her. We decided to not use the pull up and she did wonderful on the ride to my mom's (hour drive). We did not even have to stop because she passed out in the back. As soon as we go to our destination she went.

My mom got us this really neat potty seat. It has a stair to help my daughter sit down. It helps a lot and she can go potty by herself. Yes we read on the potty or we play with a tablet. My daughter is even going number two in the potty! I am so proud of the progress she has made in such a short period of time. We are using pull ups only at night now. She has not had an accident in over a week now!

Woo hoo for my baby girl getting this potty training down!! 

How long did it take to potty train your kids? What advice helped you most?


  1. Potty training is like every moms nightmare. I potty trained 3 girls and each one was unique and different. I have one more daughter (2 1/2) to potty train and I am not looking forward to it. Thank you for the suggestions though, I might need to try the prize basket idea.

  2. That's awesome.. keep it up! soon she'll be using the potty on her own!

  3. Everything happens in it's own good time--when it is meant to happen. But that doesn't mean you can't kind of help it along--like that basket full of gifts!

  4. All my kids have been different. I have a 2 year old right now...she is probably ready to train, but I have been kind of lazy about it. I need to just bite the bullet and get it done! :)

  5. That is great Angela. We've finally had success too. Madison no longer has accidents and also only wears diapers at night. Woohoo! Our girls finally did it!

  6. I've had different experiences with both my boys. Both of them had to run around naked for a while for things to click, butternu maybe that is part of thee difference between boys and girls.
    Awesome job with getting your daughter trained so quickly!

  7. This is awesome! I will so need these in another year and a half!