Peanut Hottie Review

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary samples in order to facilitate my review. These are my opinions and experiences and yours may differ. Post may contain affiliate links.*

This is one of the most unique things I have ever tried out. I like peanut butter but never knew I could be drinking it. Peanut Hottie is a drink mix flavored like (you guessed it) peanut butter. You add it to hot water like you would with tea or other hot drinks. You add as little or as much as you want depending on how much you like peanut butter. I couldn't get a good picture of the drink in my cup so I spared you a bad picture.

I thought this drink mix was really tasty and it only took a few spoonfuls to please me. It was very flavorful and really tasted like peanut butter. The company also offers a peanut butter and chocolate drink mix. I think that one sounds just as yummy. You can learn more about the company and its' products using the links below.


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