My Weight loss Story and Continuing Journey

I have been overweight my whole life. As a kid I was always plus size and I do not want that for my child. This is a hard post to put out on the web but I feel like it will help me. My heaviest weight was 383 back in 2003. It is very hard to share this picture but I am going to.

I tear up when I see this picture. It was at this weight that I decided something needed to be done. I had tried diets and exercise but nothing helped me lose weight. I decided at 18 years old to get a gastric bypass roux-en-y surgery done. I went in March of 2003 to have it done and did not get out of the hospital until after Easter of that year. I had ended up with a bad staph infection and got really sick after surgery. I was in the surgical intensive care unit for a while in an induced coma. I was out so long that my muscles were weak and I had to learn to use them again. It was very hard and just an altogether horrible time.

When I finally got out of the hospital I remember being scared because I was still on oxygen and did not know what was next. I ended up living with my mom for a bit and lost a lot of weight. My lowest weight was 198. I was able to stay at that weight for a long time.

I was so happy and could wear size 18 jeans. My whole life I had never been able to wear jeans comfortably. I met my husband and got engaged during this time. Then in 2011 I quit smoking and found out I was pregnant. I was so excited but so mad at the same time. I knew that this meant weight gain was soon to come. I had always told my husband that if I got pregnant I would not eat. I could not do that to the baby we had prayed for. I ended up gaining back almost 100 pounds (big sad face). My OB was horrible and kept telling me that I could stop gaining and that I would be fine if I didn't gain. Yeah like I was trying to gain all this weight back. 

After I had my daughter I continued to gain weight for some reason. I do not eat horrible and I was exercising. Recently I quit because I am sick of no result. I drink plenty of water (most days). I am at a loss so I decided that I would contact the doctor who did my surgery. I am going in next week to see what he has to say. I just want to lose this gross weight and be happy again. 

This is a recent pic of me. I was sick so ignore my weird face. Today I am weighing in at 328. I am almost up to where I was pre surgery and am not happy with myself or where I have gotten to again. I am not sure why I am here either. I just wanted to share this story with my readers because some of the reviews I do talk about weight loss or are products to help with it.
Toady is the day I did something about it and I am on my way to the life I want!


  1. I hope that whatever you have decided to do will help you to lose weight. Believe me I know it is not easy. I have always shied away from gastric bypass surgery as I know too many people who it worked for--then it didn't. Hopefully your doctor will have an answer for you and I will be interested to hear what it is since I am also gaining weight without eating all that much and eating pretty healthy as well.

  2. My Hubs is having the same problem trying to lose weight. He has never had the surgery but it sure is a long slow process to get it off. Wishing you lots of luck!

  3. This is so brave of you. I know how scary it is to put this on the web. Good for you for making changes. Congrats and good luck!

  4. Girl, either which was you are beautiful. Weight loss if very heard. I keep getting stuck around 230lbs and can't seem to get past that mark. It makes me quit often. Once of these days I will get past that but until then I keep trying. Keep your head up! Life is full of challenges, even crappy one but I know you can do it! Keep pushing yourself!!! I wish you nothing but the best of luck! <3

  5. I've met you personally and I can say that you're beautiful and I did not see a fat or overweight person that day. I saw a beautiful woman who was out to enjoy the day with her also beautiful daughter. I know that your weight gain may be bothering you but don't let it get you down. I'm behind you 100% on whatever which way you decide to go.