Dinosaur Kisses Book Review

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary samples in order to facilitate my review. These are my opinions and experiences and yours may differ. Post may contain affiliate links.*

I know Valentine's Day is over but I have a few more books to share that I did not get up in time. This one is called Dinosaur Kisses written by David Ezra Stein. A baby dinosaur hatches from her egg. She wanders around and comes across two animals kissing. She decides she wants to kiss someone too but she doesn't know how. She goes around trying to kiss everything she comes across but ends up biting them or stomping on them. In the ends she makes a new friend (another dinosaur) who kisses like she does.

My daughter loved this book because it was funny. She found it entertaining that the dinosaur did not know how to kiss. We had a lot of fun reading this book. You can learn more about it or purchase it at Dinosaur Kisses.


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