Confessions Friday 2/27

I do have a few confessions this week yay!

Confession #1:

I have kept my poor daughter stuck in the house all week. We have bad colds and there is lots of snow and it is cold here. I do not want her getting sicker so we have just stayed inside.

Confession #2:

I am a bad mom who uses Netflix as a babysitter. Since I have been sick this week I got behind on school. I am feeling better and catching up now. I have let my child sit in front of Netflix WAY TOO MUCH this week.

Confession #3:

That leads to my third confession. My daughter is getting too much screen time and not enough one on one time. It is hard for me to give her one on one time this week because we can't go outside and that's where she wants to be. I will be making it up to her next week.

Confession #4:

My poor 3 year old has to have dental work done next week. I feel horrible but it is not my fault. I guess she just has weak teeth. She has a few cavities on her back teeth. She will get laughing gas and be numbed for one of the teeth. The child does love to fight me when it comes to teeth brushing time but the dentist said we could brush all we want these would have still happened. I will update about this next week.

What confessions do you have this week?


  1. Awww poor Christine. At least it'll be for the better when she gets out of the dental chair. Madison missed her 2nd yearly check up and it's a good thing I read this. Time for me to schedule a visit. As for screen time, I admit I've done that on numerous occasions and have Madison watch TV so I can do things.

  2. I have had genetically bad teeth since the day I was born I think! My baby teeth even had cavities--and I had extremely good dental care as well--my 1st cousin was my dentist! So don't kick yourself over this one. And if you are sick how in the world are you supposed to take your child outside--You get better then you can both have fun!

  3. We have well water here. We've NEVER had tooth problems until we moved here. I think it must be related? *sigh* Good luck to you with your little one at the dentist. :)

  4. We all have times when we aren't at our best. Take care.

  5. My confession is that I wish that we would have had more snow. I love having my girls home.

  6. We all go through this as moms. Don't be too hard on yourself. Thanks for sharing with us on Momma Told Me. We hope you'll stop by again soon!