SAHM Confessions Friday

It is finally Friday again yay! Although that really has no meaning to me since I work every day. I have a few confessions from my week to share and hope you enjoy and join in with me.

Confession 1:

I have one goofy kid! I just had to share this picture and what happened. I walked into out master bedroom and was looking for the clothes basket. I found it with my daughter in it. She has my foot rock and told me "I am being mommy." It was so funny I forgot about the basket and had to come back to get it. Just a silly confession I had to share.

Confession #2:

Do you ever feel like there are eyes on you at all times? Well there are eyes on me ALL the time. I can't even use the restroom alone. I know some moms lock the bathroom door but if I do that I just get to use the bathroom with a crazy screaming child outside the door. I guess it is pretty entertaining watching me go potty.

Confession #3:

It had been really cold here so we could not get outside. I confess that when it is ugly outside we sit and throw the ball inside. It is a great way for her to get her energy out. Best part is I can just sit there and make her get the ball haha. She has fun with this game though.

Confession #4:

We did have one beautiful day this week where it got up to 70! We took advantage and went to the park. My daughter loves the park but I really dislike it. I can't stand how other people let their kid run wild and bully other kids. While we were there a mom had a camera taking pictures of every kid in the park (pretty odd if you ask me) while her son was running around terrorizing the poor younger kids. She should have been watching her kid instead of taking weird pictures. Someone did ask her what she was doing and she just answered with, "Taking pictures of my son." That's total bull because he was not even near her. Just one of the many reasons I do not like the park. I go because it is good for my child to interact not because it is good for me. We usually stay 30 minutes unless no one is around then we can stay longer.

Confession #5:

I can't wait for our taxes to be deposited! We really need a new couch. Ours has a hole in it and is so uncomfortable. It sounds like we will have to wait one more week to get them back though. My husband didn't get a refund anticipation check.

Your turn! What kind of funny or serious confessions can you make this week? Share with me here or on Facebook.


  1. I make my kids wait for the bus by themselves as i stand inside the warm house looking out the window. Today it was snowing outside.

  2. Kids are so much fun...As a mother of 4, I know I've got more than a few confessions! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So fun! We have been trying to think of new activities because of the cold.

  4. I just cheated on my diet and ate chocolate for breakfast!

  5. I wait at the bus stop in the morning and they come by them self in the afternoon, though I can see the stop from my doorway. It is like 2 minute walk. My kids run crazily around the park doing what they want to, except they are very respectful of others and they don't bully.

  6. Haha.. Confession time! love this. :) I am bad - I have a stash of candy, treats, goodies in my bedroom that I don't share with my kids.. Sometimes I will surprise them and share but most the time they are for me ;)

  7. I hate when it is too cold to play outside. You have to make sure to have a list of things to do inside when the weather is horrible.

  8. I enjoyed a few minutes of quiet....while my 2 year old was somewhere being quiet...I know, I know...quiet is NEVER good with toddlers! :) Luckily it turned out ok! :)

  9. Confession, we need a couch in a bad way, but we just got rid of one that we had acquired for free. We got rid of it because it had a scent that bothered my breathing.

  10. I love this!
    My honest confession: I've loved our warmer weather here in Florida because it lets the kids go outside and play and not mess up the house as much, lol