Garden of the Gods Day Trip

This past weekend my family decided to take a little day trip to the Garden of the Gods. I have not been there in a very long time. I just wanted to share our fun day with my readers (this is not a sponsored post). This post is pic heavy and I hope you enjoy the beauty of Colorado. The trip took us an hour to get there. Garden of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs. There is a visitor center where you can pick up a map and learn more about the place. You can check out their website at Garden of the Gods.

The rock below is balancing rock. It was my favorite and was pretty awesome. We got to drive between huge rocks! Our little lady thought it was pretty neat.

As you can see from the pics this place is beautiful. We had some cloud coverage that day and I made sure to get good pics of it. You can see the clouds touching the peaks in a few of the pics.

Hubby was trying not to fall and ended up looking silly in the picture below.

We had a blast and I can't wait to go back in the summer to hike. There are a lot of trails and hiking them would get me better pictures of some of the rock formations. Most of them have names too but I got lost on my map and ended up not knowing which was which. Only I would do that. It was a great day trip!
We also decided to stop by Manitou Springs and take a little walk. Look what we found:

I have a train loving little girl she was so excited. Maybe this summer we will go back and ride the Cog Railway. What kind of fun does your family have in Winter when cabin fever sets in?


  1. What's funny is that this is so close to me and I've yet to visit. I might take a trip there this summer.