Ditch Fad Dieting with Great Grains (Review/Giveaway)

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary samples in order to facilitate my review. These are my opinions and experiences and yours may differ.*

Almost every year there is a new fad diet or diet pill that people fall in love with. Great Grains wants to help you ditch the fad diets in 2015! Great grains conducted a survey and found out that 76% of American women who have dieted have gone on a "fad" diet, like the master cleanse, the baby food diet, and even worse ones. They also found that on average women have quit 9 diets in their lifetime – 11 diets among women 40+! However, weight loss isn’t the only goal when women diet. Other reasons for dieting included women wanting to improve their health (68%), look their best (51%), and even have more energy (39%).

A healthy diet is about balance – improving your health and feeling and looking your best. Great grains wants you and I to take their fad free pledge. For every pledge they get they will donate $3 to  AmpleHarvet.org, an organization dedicated to bringing more fresh fruits and wholesome veggies to food pantries across the nation. You can go take the pledge at Great Grains Pledge. Go fight the fad and donate at the same time.

To help you fight fad dieting Great Grains has some new products and I got to try them out.
I was sent two flavors of granola and two flavors of the bar undone snack mixes.

The Bar Undone snack mixes are great for on the go or even just at home. They are a mixture of granola, fruit, chocolate, and nuts. I was sent cranberry nuts and seeds and dark chocolate nut. I like them both a lot.
I was also sent super nutty and blueberry flax granola. I liked the granola on Greek yogurt but it was also really good with some milk on it. 

My lucky readers will get the chance to win some samples similar to what I was sent. You can enter below. Good luck! I hope you all go pledge with me!