Dakota Style Foods Review

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary samples in order to facilitate my review. These are my opinions and experiences and yours may differ.*

Dakota Style is a company that makes potato chips, sunflower seeds, sunflower kernels (in different flavors, and popcorn. I was sent some chips, seeds, and kernels to try out. I was sent original kettle chips, jalapeno kettle chips, jumbo sunflower seeds (original shells on), honey roasted sunflower kernels, no salt kernels, and savory bacon kernels. My favorite were the honey roasted kernels. 

I even liked the jalapeno chips. They were not too spicy and even my husband enjoyed them. The kernels made great salad toppers and snacks. I really liked all of the products I was sent. 

Dakota Style was established in 1985 (same year I was born!). They are based out of South Dakota. Their products are gluten free, all natural, cholesterol free, and do not contain trans fats. You can learn more about them and their products using the links below.

Dakota Style Website
Dakota Style Facebook
Dakota Style Twitter
Dakota Style Pinterest


  1. I'm not a fan of sunflower seeds, I just think they are a dirty snack because everyone is alway spitting. YUCK! I however would love to try their potato chips.

  2. If you don't like the shells, you should try the kernels (without the shells). The Honey Roasted are AWESOME!