Butterfly Pavilion Bug-A-Boo Event Review $2 off coupon

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary tickets in exchange for a review. These are my opinions and experiences only yours may differ.*

This was our first year at Butterfly Pavilion's Bug-A-Boo event. We really enjoyed it too! We got candy, got to see cockroach races, and I even held Rosie the Tarantula! We were given treat bags at the door when we entered (thankfully because this mommy forgot about that part). 

The first area we hit up was where the bees and Rosie were. Below are some pics from there.

I thought the trashcan above was pretty neat so I had to share it. The bee hive had a counter too to see how many bees had left during the day. When we were there it was at about 1700. I will admit I was pretty scared to be holding a spider but I did it! Christine was pretty scared and wouldn't even go near it though. We even got to touch a cockroach! It was just hard and didn't move thankfully.

Next we went to an area with fish and other marine life. We touched a starfish and then a horseshoe crab. It was pretty fun and Christine touched both. 

After that we headed to the cockroach races, face painting, and craft area. We were able to get candy along the way at little stops they had. Some had a little game to play or a question to answer and then you got your candy. There was also a stilt walker. He scared Christine at first then started juggling and she thought it was funny.

 She got a bee on her hand.


 Number 3 ended up winning!

We then went in to see the butterflies. There was a scavenger hunt you could do and get some candy too. We skipped it because we missed getting it before going in.

Look closely at the next three pictures. There are butterflies but they were blending in.

We also decided to take a little walk around outside and found some neat stuff.

This was actually inside in a play area.

There was also a place to get pictures inside near the face painting. There was also a caricature artist but we skipped that. We also missed the balloon animals because we left an hour before they were there. 

We had so much fun today! You can still go tomorrow October 19 and even get a discount with the coupon below. It was a great event and we will be there next year too!

Get your coupon for $2 off admission for up to 4 people below:


  1. I'm kinda sorry I didn't go to this but planning on going to the pumpkin patch this weekend. You got some great pics there and looked like you both had fun.