Little Critter Books Review/Giveaway

*Disclosure: I am a Tommy Nelson Mommy and was provided complimentary books to facilitate my review. These are my experiences and opinions yours may differ.*

I am so happy to be able to share Little Critter books with my daughter. They are some of my favorite books and they always have a good lesson in them. The first book I will tell you about is We All Need Forgiveness. In this book Little Critter learns that if we do not forgive we will be unhappy. His mom tells him he needs to forgive people and he will be happy.As he goes through his day he learns that his mom is right. When he does not forgive people he feels bad. He learns his lesson as things happen like his sister almost washing out his sandcastle. 
Forgiveness is important and this is something that even I as an adult struggle with. This book is great for kids to learn more about forgiving. You can look at it and purchase here: We All Need Forgiveness.

The second book is Being Thankful. Little Critter is always wanting something that he thinks is better than what he already has. He wants the new scooter, he wants to watch a better movie, he just thinks that what he has is not good. He learns that what he has is good and he needs to be happy that he even ha that. Little Critter gets thankful rocks to remind him to be thankful of what he has. 
This book is a great tool to teach kids to like what they have and be thankful. If you would like to purchase or learn more about it please go to: Being Thankful.

You can enter below to win a copy of both books! Only one winner will win two books. Good luck!!


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