Shazzy Fitness Review

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary videos to facilitate my review. These are my opinion and experiences only and yours may differ.*

I am always looking for a fun new fitness video to try. When I saw Shazzy Fitness I thought it was awesome and wanted to try it so bad. I was sent two of their videos to use and love them. Now I will admit that I have no rhythm and am a horrible dancer but I loved that it is Christian music with an awesome beat to it.

I like to get my daughter involved in my workouts in some way as well. This video made it easy to do just that. She would get up and move to the music too. I was horrible with some moves but hey at least I was up and moving right? 

I was sent the videos In The Beginning and A Time To Dance. I have only used the In The Beginning one so far. It is easy to follow moves with step by step instructions. My hardest part was the dance off at the end. This part was just going with the flow and dancing along. I somehow just lost the beat but I kept on moving. I am going to try the second video soon. I am really loving the music and the moves. If you would like to learn more about the videos please visit Shazzy Fitness and you too can "Shape what the father gave you." 


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