Kandoo Kids Review/Giveaway

*Disclosure: I received complimentary product in order to facilitate my review. These are my opinions and experiences only and yours may differ.*

We have been trying to potty train and have had set backs. We still have not been successful but I am not giving up on her yet. I was sent some Kandoo Kids products to try out. I was sent Kandoo Kids Hand Soap and Kandoo Kids Flush-able Wipes.

The wipes are great because you just pop open the lid and get one out wipe and flush. I love that it will not clog up our sewer. The wipes are soft for her little bum and she likes to use them when she does potty. I have a feeling these will last us a while. She has decided she is not ready yet. 

The hand soap is awesome! It comes out purple so it is easier to teach her how to get her hands clean. I let her squirt some in her hands and tell her that when all the purple is gone your hands are rinsed and clean. She has too much fun washing her hands now and always wants to. It smells good too. We were sent Funny Berry scent. It is yummy smelling. Don't tell Christine but I use it sometimes.

Right now on Kandoo Kids you can enter to win one of 1,000 Super Power Clean Kits. Just go to Kandoo Kids online and take the Clean Crew Oath. There is also a free potty training book to download. 
You can win here too! Just enter below to win some flush-able wipes and your choice of hand soap or sanitizer. Good luck!


  1. Christa BengtssonMay 9, 2014 at 11:49 AM

    My kids are past it. Tip would be just keep at it and when they are ready they will use the potty.

  2. Past it, but not really lol I have a 5 year old that still will not go to the potty anywhere without her potty seat and she still needs help wiping. I'm a little worried about school!

  3. Christa, yes I agree, they will all (as long as normally developing) get it figured and use the potty on their own eventually. (I thought I commented earlier not sure it isn't showing?)

    1. Nicole it is showing now sorry about that. I have to approve and publish due to tons of spam comments :)