Naked Infusions Salsa Review

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. These are my opinions and experiences and yours may differ.*

I am a salsa lover so I was excited to get to try Naked Infusions Salsa. This company makes salsa with fresh organic ingredients and they come in different flavors.

It come in:
  1. Low Salt Ripe Tomato
  2. Signature Ripe Tomato
  3. Signature Ripe Tomato Extra Hot
  4. California Burnt Sage
  5. Fire Roasted Garlic
  6. Oaxaca White Chocolate
  7. Rustic Blue Cheese
  8. Black Silk Espresso (Yes you see espresso, so yummy!)

My favorite was the rustic blue cheese. I really liked all of them though. They are bold and flavorful salsas that go good in anything.

I really loved it on my eggs in the morning. It made them so yummy! I also added it with any rice dishes I ate and anything else that needed a little pep. I really like that most of the salsas are medium heat. I can do the extra hot but not a lot of it. These salsas are great and I highly recommend them! If you want to learn more about the company or where to purchase please visit Naked Infusions Online.


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