Life With a 2 year old (Long overdue update)

This is a long overdue update on life and on my little lady. She turned 2 on January 17 and is a handful! She is still nursing and co-sleeping. I am done with nursing and wish she was too. I really want her to wean on her own though. The co-sleeping is not as big of a problem but we hope to get her in her own room soon.

We tried potty training for a week and decided that she just is not ready yet. We will try again in a few months. She talks a lot and is very smart. She loves to color and play outside. She has a little bike that she is learning to pedal and she loves it. She is a happy healthy little lady.

Now on to me. I am working on losing weight so I did the 21 day fix through Beach Body. I love it! I lost 6 pounds and am still doing the fix. The workouts are a mix of cardio and weights. They are fun too. I have changed how I eat as well. I am eating more clean now and less processed foods. I feel much better and have more energy. I am still in school and am finally in my Health Information Technology program! It is funner now that I am studying what I actually want to do. 

We are doing great!  If anyone has potty training tips I would love to hear them.


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