Kiss My Face 4 in 1 Moisture Shave Review

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. These opinions are my own and yours may be different.*

Before I get into my review I would like to tell you a little more about the company Kiss My Face. It was founded 30 years ago on a farm in Hudson River Valley in New York. They make natural and cruelty free bath products. Their products include deodorants, foot scrubs, mouth care, soaps, kids products, and even sun care. 

I was given the chance to try out their Moisture Shave. I was sent fragrance free and cool mint. I really love the cool mint because the scent was refreshing and invigorating. This shave cream is a 4 in 1. It has vitamin E and natural oils to soften your skin. Then there is the formula which is creme and provides a close smooth shave. Next you have golden seal, aloe, and lemon grass to soothe your skin. Lastly olive and coconut oils moisturize your skin.

I found that the formula lathered up well but was more like a lotion. This did make the shave closer and much smoother than other products out there. I really love that this is not an aerosol and works just as well. My legs are much more moisturized after using this on them.

The Moisture Shave comes in many scents:

  • Fragrance Free
  • Key Lime
  • Cool Mint
  • Lavender and Shea
  • Green Tea and Bamboo
  • Patchouli Moisture

You can purchase it at Whole Foods and Kiss My Face Online for $7.95 (11 oz.) and $4.99 (3.4 oz.). 


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