Let God Movie Review

*Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary copy of the movie to facilitate my review. These are my opinions and experiences only. Yours may differ.*

Amelia is a young newlywed housewife in 1848. Her husband has heard there is gold in California and decides that they need to head that way to get their share and start their family there. Amelia is unsure but honors her husbands wishes and off they go. They do not let her family or his know where they are going.

On the way they are attacked and Amelia loses her husband. She buries him and gives him a funeral. She starts her journey to try to find a town. Amelia has a suitcase with a few things in it including her bible. Will it be enough to help her survive?

On her journey she comes across an Indian boy that seems to be lost just like her. They end up journeying on together and help each other survive. With faith and each other they try to survive. Will they make it or will they end up freezing in the wilderness?

My take on the movie:

The ending surprised me! I had to get that out there first. This is another movie I enjoyed because of the time it was set in. I love the old pioneer and Indian days. The movie keeps you in because you think she loses her faith and then she gets back up and tests herself again. The ending though is one you will not have seen coming. You can  purchase the movie at Christian retail stores in your area.


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