My Story Joseph and My Story David kids Book Review/Giveaway

**Disclosure: I am a Tommy Mommy and was provided with complimentary books to facilitate my review. These are my experiences and opinions yours may differ.**

The Bible is full of heroes. The Books My Story Joseph and My Story David teach your kids about two of the many heroes. Each book is about 28 pages long and they have some awesome illustrations. They are recommended for kids 3 years old and up. Christine loves the books because they have stickers that go along with the book at the end. She loves stickers.

I love how lively the books are written. They keep your child engaged and excited to keep reading. the stickers make reading these books even funner. I really like books that make learning fun especially when it is learning the gospel. If you think your little ones would enjoy these fun books then you can enter below to win. Good luck!