Bible Savvy Book Series review

**Disclosure: I was provided complimentary books in order to facilitate my review. These are my opinions and experiences and yours may differ.*

This is not a single book review it is a series of four books written by James Nicodem. The series is called Bible Savvy and it contains books called Context, Epic, Foundation, and Walk. I will write about each one separately to give you a better insight on each one.

I am not sure if they are to be read in a certain order but to me it makes sense to start with Context ( How to Understand the Bible). You need to know how to understand what you are reading before you jump into it right? This book is a book to clarify aspects in the Bible. There are four aspects it touches. These are history, literature, theology, and how we should see the Bible through modern eyes. When you get these points you will more than likely understand the Bible.

In my eyes the second book to be read would be Epic (The Storyline of the Bible). This book talks about how the Bible fits together as a whole. You need to realize that the Bible is not just a book with lots of stories but it is one story. This book gives you the points and shows you how it fits together.

The third one would be Foundation (The Reality of the Bible). People wonder if the Bible can be trusted or not and this book touches on that. The author explains the foundational doctrines like inspiration and revelation. He offers a clear account of the Bible's history.

The last book in the series would be Walk (How to Apply the Bible). To me this one comes last because you will need to understand the others before you can apply the Bible to your life. This book the author encourages us and teaches the COMA structure. The COMA structure means context, observation, message, and application. It is steps you can take to apply the Bible to your life.

I absolutely love this series and plan to read it again and again to get all I can out of it. I think it could even be read as a family. If you do Bible study together these books could help.

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