Life Changing!

As most of my readers know I recently started selling Avon products. It was life changing for me and I want to share more about it. I am a stay at home mom and student right now. I was not making any money or helping with the bills. I was stuck at home a lot and did not get out to do anything ever.

Since I started selling Avon I am out more even if Christine goes we get out to prospect and have fun running my business together. My fellow Avon ladies enjoy seeing Christine at business events. I am so glad they were accepting of me taking her with me. I do not have a babysitter in the area so she goes with me a lot. Thankfully she is a good baby and is quiet and does not cause problems.

I have started making money to help with bills and have met some great ladies while doing so. Avon is not what it used to be. 

There is a new makeup collection, Mark products, kids products, new scents and perfumes, candles and home products and much more. If you have someone on your Christmas list that you need to shop for Avon is the place to go. I was surprised when I saw all of the new stuff. The best part is that it is all at a great price! 

The Avon company has been around for a very long time. All of the products are 100% guaranteed. When  a company puts that behind them they must be good. I am enjoying what I do and would love to have more people on my team.

Avon costs $10 to start up and that will include your kit. Your kit has two sets of ten brochures for your first two campaigns. You will get 40% off of your first 4 orders of $50 or more! The best part is you can be anywhere to join my team. 

All you have to do is go to Join Now and use reference code angelamckinney85.

Now is the best time to join and start making some extra holiday cash!!

Here is a sneak peek at a special this campaign. Think stocking stuffers!


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