18 Months Old!!

Motherhood has been all I expected it to be. I am so happy and amazed with what my husband and I have created. Christine has grown up so much since I last updated! She can walk and talk now and gets into everything. She loves to be outside and it has been hard to get out because we are trying to get ready to move. We are finally moving to a two bedroom apartment. We are so cramped where we are. I am counting down the days! We will be moving early August and I hope it is not too much change for my little lady. We will start potty training after we get settled in. That is something I am scared of and have no idea how to start. 

Christine is very independent. She has a doctor appointment next month and I cant wait to see how tall she is and what she weighs. I am enjoying every moment with her at this age. It is so fun but can be stressful too. She is getting a little bit of an attitude lately. She doesn't say NO yet but she does shaker her head no. She is doing great and growing and learning every day.


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