The Colors Will Change Book Review

The Colors Will Change
Author: Louis N. Jones
ISBN: 978-0-9656625-5

In The Colors Will Change a Haitian girl Carline Lissade loses her family and her faith in Christ so she ends up selling her body to make money to live off of. Her first time doing so goes horribly wrong because the man is not a good person. She has to flee to save her life from this man. She ends up in a guest house and meeting a US senator who ends up liking her a lot. The senator does have an estranged wife who eventually becomes jealous of Carline. Carline moves to Florida thinking her problems will end but of course they do not. Her problems only follow her. She now has to deal with a now jealous wife of the senator and men coming after her. She puts her new found friends in danger along with herself. Will she ever figure out where Jesus wants her and what she is supposed to do?

This is a great book and keeps you hooked in with action, suspense, and drama. The author has written seven other books. He became an ordained minister in 2005 and has loved writing since he was five years old. He is now an assistant pastor at a church in DC.

**Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided a complimentary copy of the book from Book Sneeze to facilitate my review. These are my opinions only and yours may differ.**


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