Educator is an online learning website. They offer a lot of lectures and lessons from biology to music. They even have SAT courses to get your child ready for it. has video lectures taught by actual professors. Your child is getting a good education on the site by great teachers.

Each lesson starts with an introduction and will work its way down. It will get more and more complex the farther in the lesson you get.  Everything is shown in a slide and each slide is able to be downloaded at the bottom of the lesson. There are even notes on the bottom with links to further information online. Each lesson has an interactive discussion board at the bottom as well. The students can ask questions or just place comments here. The teachers respond to any questions in this area. The teachers do give personalized support for each of the courses. They are there to help just like in a real classroom. Students are encouraged to ask any question or make comments on anything they are struggling with.

The courses offered go from basic to advance placement to fit your child’s needs. To tell you the truth I just might take the math courses and freshen up. I am horrible at math. I decided to take the biology course as you can see above. It was very informative and taught in a way that a person who has never taken biology could understand it. It is actually taught by a doctor too. These classes are also  learn at your own pace meaning you go to the lectures when you want and do as many or as few as you want at a time. This makes it easier for busier kids or refreshers like me. I would not be able to do it if I had to sit down and do all of it at once.

Above are the subjects that have courses to take in them. As you can see there are a lot of subjects. Inside each subject there are a number of lectures to look at. As I previously stated above you can see below that they start out simple and get more comprehensive to enhance the learning process.

All in all Educator is a good site for anyone wanting to refresh their knowledge or for current students. I am a current college student and most of these classes are designed for elementary kids but I am using some of them to refresh my skills in areas. You are never too old to relearn anything. The course I looked at while doing my review is here: Look around and interact to see how awesome the lessons are and how easy the site is to use.  It is easy to create an account as well. It is not free but any good education cost something. I did not see it as overpriced. You can get a one month, six month, or twelve month plan depending on your needs or what you want. Go check them out and learn something.


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