Pretzel Crisps® Review

I have tried Pretzel Crisps® before but I did not know they came in so may different flavors. I got to try garlic parmesan, everything, chipotle cheddar, sesame, original, jalapeno jack, and buffalo wing. I really liked all of them except for one.

The everything flavor was too peppery for me. I like salt but not usually that much pepper. They were tasty though. They did have everything on them from salt to sesame. The garlic parmesan were good and were not overwhelmed with garlic flavor. Some garlic flavor foods have too much garlic but these were really good.

The chipotle cheddar were not too spice but the perfect blend of cheese and spice. They were one of my favorites. The sesame were one of my other favorites. They were pretzels with little sesame seeds on top. 

The original were just regualr prezels with salt on top. They were really good with sliced cheese on top and by themselves. The buffalo wing were a little too spicy for me but were really good. I hate when something is so good I don't want to put it down but it is burning my mouth. I can handle the heat enough to keep on eating them. I found that when I dipped them in some ranch they were not so hot and really yummy. 
All of the pretzels were good by themselves but some were even better with toppings.
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**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided complimentary product to facilitate my review. Theses are my opinions only and yours may differ.**


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