Two Moms in the Raw

Eating raw and organic food is good for you. I got the chance to try Two Moms in the Raw. As the name says they use only raw ingredients in their products. Their treats are organic, gluten free, Non-GMO, kosher, and vegan. Their products are also handmade in a kitchen about five minutes away from the founder of the companies house. It is a family run company that is actually based out of Colorado. I found that really neat because I live in Colorado but had never heard of them. They make granola, sea crackers nut bars, cereal, and truffles. I got to try the nut bars, granola, truffles, and sea crackers. 


I got to try the cranberry nut bars. To me they did look like something you should put outside for the birds. After you taste them you will not be sharing with any birds! They were so yummy and full of healthy nuts and fruits. I ate them as a snack or after a long workout and they gave me the energy I needed. These were one of my favorites and I will definitely purchase more.

I tried the goldenberry granola bars and loved them. These were my all time favorite product that I got to try. There are four in a box and they are the perfect snack size. They are chewy crunchy granola bars with fruit and granola. These were so yummy even Christine liked them. I had to hide from her if I wanted to eat one by myself and not share it. 

Now to the sea crackers.  I was not fond of these but I think it was the flavor and not the actual crackers. I was given the garden herb flavor. I am not a garden herb person. I never like anything with the word herb in it. I did like the texture and taste of the crackers themselves though. I think if I were to grab another box of a different flavor I would enjoy them more.

These are the best organic truffles ever! They taste just like a brownie. They are ball shaped made of chocolate and have nuts in them. They are called almond butter cacao truffles and I highly recommend trying these if you have a sweet tooth. I did not want to share these with anyone because they were so Heavenly.

I really enjoyed trying Two Moms in the Raw and am definitely going to pick some up on my next Whole Foods trip. I hope it is soon because I ate everything I was sent. If you would like more information or want to find out how or where to purchase their products please go to Two Moms in the Raw.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was sent complimentary products from Two Moms in the Raw to facilitate my review. My review was not swayed in any way and is my opinion only yours may differ.**


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