I'll never have my alone time again!

I love Christine but I really miss being home alone during the day. I can not wait until she is in school. I think it is bad right now because she is teething. She sure can frustrate me when I am trying to get homework or a review done. When ever I try to get something done she decides that is when she wants my attention. Right now she is pulling my hair and pretend crying. I knew parenting would be hard but geez. I guess it would be much easier if I was not a blogger or a student. But I am so I need to come up with some way to keep her occupied while I get my work done. Is there something that you feel you will never have again? Please feel free to share with me.

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  1. My oldest son is 16 and my youngest is 3. You will have plenty of alone time when they are gone and then you will wish you did not have the alone time as much. Things do get hard from time to time, but they do grow up fast and are gone before you know it. I too am a stay at home mom and blogger and between the kids and dogs I do not get a moment to myself, I get frustrated sometimes until I think that in a couple of years my 16 year old will be off to college, then I tear up and want them all closer, lol.

    1. You are so right and sometimes I think I just need to slow down and try to spend as much time with her now as possible. Like you said before I know it she will be grown.