Brothers All Natural Review


Brothers All Natural makes freeze-dried fruit snacks. They come in a variety of flavors. I got to try apple cinnamon, Fuji apple, Asian pear, and strawberry banana. I did not have a favorite because I liked them all. I also got to try some fruit and oats in two flavors. There was mixed berry and strawberry banana.


The apple cinnamon fruit crisps tasted just like home made apples and cinnamon. Christine and I really liked these ones. The Fuji apple fruit crisps were like biting into a fresh cut apple melting in your mouth. Usually freeze-dried food does not ever taste like it was fresh. These snacks all came back to life as soon as they are put in your mouth. The Asian pear fruit crisps and the strawberry banana fruit crisps were like the others and were juicy and tasty. All of the snacks were crispy at first and then got juicy as you continued to chew on them. They made a great healthy snack for my family.
Fruit and oats were awesome! It came in a single serve size container with a spoon in it. There were two little pouches in each container of fruits and oats. One pouch had the fruit and the other had the oats. All you had to do was empty them into the container and add hot water. It had to sit for a few minutes and was ready to eat. These were great hearty breakfasts. I ate them and forgot to take a picture of how yummy they looked. These fruit and oats did not have added sugar either which made me really happy. I do not like instant oatmeal because they usually have a lot of added sugar that makes my tummy upset. 
I have already purchased more of the fruit crisps and plan to get more of the fruit and oats soon too. If you would like to find out more about the company or where to purchase please go to Brothers All Natural.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided complimentary product to facilitate my review. These are my opinions only and yours may differ**

Rob's Really Good Review


Rob's Really Good Zero drinks come in all different flavors. My favorite was the tart cherry. I also tried cucumber, black plum, coconut, grapefruit, and coconut pineapple. They all tasted good but there were a few that were not so great in my opinion. I am not a huge fan of coconut drinks so I didn't like those too well. They really tasted like coconut though and the others tasted like the flavors they were. 
The founder of Rob's Really Good also makes Pirate's Booty! I though that was interesting. Another interesting thing is that each bottle has a little story on it about how it came to be. I had fun reading them before drinking them. 
These drinks are sugar free which is a plus for me. I do not do sugar well and usually good drinks have a lot of sugar. I was happy to see that these do not. If you try them you should swirl them before you drink them. If you look at the bottle it has the hypnotizing picture on it. It is to let you know to swirl the bottle before you drink. I really like the bottle label and think they got really creative with it. 
If you want to order or find out more go to Rob's Really Good.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided complimentary product to facilitate my review. These are my opinions only and yours may differ**

The Oldest Enemy By Michael Webb Book Review


The Oldest Enemy
Author: Michael Webb
ISBN: 978-1-936835-13-3  
List Price: $3.99 
Format: Ebook  
Page Count: 312

You cannot hide from your past and David lighthouse is about to find that out. He has been an assistant pastor of a church in Florida for six years when strange things start happening. A member of his congregation is murdered and he becomes friends with the victim's sister. They work together to try and solve her murder. They end up finding themselves in David's hometown of Denver during their investigation. His dad believes he has the answers they need to the mysterious evil happenings. David's dad believes his past is coming back to haunt him and that evil is afoot. Will they be able to solve the murder before someone else gets hurt or even killed?

The Oldest Enemy is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I like a book that hooks me in and makes me want to keep reading. The only thing that held me back from reading was my daughter not letting me. I am so glad I was able to finish the book and recommend it to anyone who likes a good thriller. The author does a great job of keeping the story going and keeping you hooked in. I absolutely love that! This was a book I did not want to put down. 
If you would like to learn more about the author you can visit his Amazon author page here Michael Webb. He is also on facebook Michael Webb Books.

** I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.**

Cheribundi Review/Giveaway


Cheribundi makes cherry drinks that are packed with a lot of cherries. I was given the chance to try out their new refresh drinks. I got to try their cherry refresh and their tea refresh drinks.
The cherry refresh kinds I got to try were: cherry raspberry, cherry cranberry, cherry blueberry, cherry lemonade, and cherry pomegranate. 
The tea flavors were: cherry rooibos tea, cherry black tea, cherry green tea, and cherry jasmine tea. 
My favorites were the cherry lemonade and the cherry jasmine tea. I really like all of them though.

Each bottle is 16.9 ounces. and has from 5 to 20 cherries in it. The tea refresh have 5 cherries and the juice refresh have 20 cherries. Cheribundi fresh presses their own cherries, respberries, and fresh brews their own tea for each bottle.

The juice refresh drinks really taste like cherry. They are very refreshing and taste like juice unlike other drinks out there. The juice and tea drinks are all natural and gluten free. The tea ones taste like fruit and fresh tea. They are all so yummy.

 I am so happy to be able to give you all the opportunity to enter to win some. 
Enter below on the form. Good luck!!

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Core Foods Review


I was given the chance to try out some defender meals by Core foods. They are bars that you keep in the freezer and last a long time. They are easy to take on the go with you. They are high in fiber and are organic. I got to try raw almond raisin, raw cashew cacao, and raw walnut banana. My favorite was the walnut banana.

I have been working out and trying to lose weight. These meals will help you with toning and losing weight. You can replace a whole meal with one or eat one after a workout. I found that when I replaced breakfast with one that I was not hungry for four or five hours later. That helps me a lot because I tend to eat a lot between breakfast and lunch. They give you energy and actually fill you up. I am definitely getting me some more. If you want more information or want to find out where to purchase them please visit Core Foods.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided complimentary product to facilitate my review. These are my opinions only and yours may differ**

Tropical traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Review


Tropical Traditions makes coconut oils. I got to try the gold label virgin coconut oil. I had never tried a coconut oil before and had no idea what it would taste like. I decided to use it in place of other oils just to see how I liked it. 

I was sent a 32 ounce jar and have not used all of it yet. I use it with eggs and when I cook my spinach. I really have used it in place of vegetable oil. It does have a strong coconut taste so when I use it I do no use a whole lot. I really like how it flavors the food though. I really enjoy using it now.  To learn more about virgin coconut oil please go to Virgin Coconut Oil. To find out how to purchase visit Tropical Traditions. Here is a good video about the virgin coconut oil.


**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review theses are my opinions only and yours may differ. I was provided complimentary product to facilitate my review**

Kopali Chocolates Review


Kopali chocloates are organic, fair trade yummy chocolates. I got to try the chocolate banana, chocolate espresso beans, and the chocolate cacao nibs. I really like the chocolate banana and the espresso beans. They were all really good though. I especially like the fact that they are organic and fair trade. I like when a company doesn't just think about themselves. Kopali was founded in the rain forests of Costa Rica. They also have chocolate fruits. 

I like these chocolates because they were not too sweet. I usually do not like dark chocolate because it it just too sweet for me. Kopali chocolates are perfect for me. They are tasty and not extremely bad for you. If you would like more information on them please go to Kopali.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided complimentary product to facilitate my review. These are my opinions only and yours may differ.**

Crunchmaster Review/Giveaway


Crunchmaster crackers are gluten free crackers. They come in different flavors like cheddar, graham, and sea salt. I got to try those and the original ones. I was very impressed with these crackers. They are very flavoful and you can't even tell they are gluten free. My favorite were the sea salt flavored crackers. 

They really look like the picture on the bag. I liked how they had the whole grain seeds I think it made them taste better. Christine's favorite were the grammy crisps ones. 

These crackers were smaller than the ones in the bags. They were coated in cinnamon and sugar and were so yummy. They tasted just like a graham cracker but better because they were coated. The original ones were good too. They were plain and not too much flavor to them though but they were seedy and I liked that.

The chessy crisps were very cheesy and shaped like little triangles. They were really crunchy too. We enjoyed these as well. If you would like to see other flavors or for more information please visit

I am happy to say that I am able to do a giveaway for a sampler pack of Crunchmaster crackers. Enter below. Good luck!!


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Squishy Snak Pak Review


Squishy Snak Pak's are pouches that you can use to put your homemade pureed food in. Christine loves the pouches that you can buy in the store but I decided we would try these out when I found them. I made some applesauce at home and stuck it in the pouches. Christine was able to use them just like the store bought pouches. 

The pouch zips shut at the bottom and opens easily to put what you want to in it. I found they are very easy to wash out as well. You just use soapy water and soak and they come clean. We will use these for a very long time unless they wear out. 
If you would like to purchase them or find out more you can go to Squishy Snak Pak website.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided complimentary product to facilitate my review. These are my opinions only and yours may differ.**

Sun Shadz by Monimay Review


Sun Shadz by Monimay is a powder sunscreen for your scalp. I was so excited to try this because whenever we go to the zoo I come home with a burned scalp. Sun Shadz is all natural and is very easy to use. It comes in the bottle above and has a brush to apply.

You shake the bottle up and then just apply it to the scalp. It is SPF 15. I have used it on Christine and I and we have not gotten sunburned so far. It is not summer yet though so I really plan to test it on a zoo trip this summer. 
It has a unique way of putting the bristles back in without ruining them. 

The bottle lifts up and covers the bristles so that you are able to just slide the lid back on. I did not realize this at first but figured it out fast. I did not ruin my bristles on mine but almost did. This product is good for men as well because it does not show up in the hair. It does come in colors for women who want to blend it in with their hair color. It is a great product and we will use it until it is gone. For more information on the product or how to purchase please go to Monimay.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

SodaStream Giveaway (Ends March 5th)


SodaStream Giveaway

Have you tried a SodaStream yet?! If not here is your opportunity to get one FREE! One lucky winner will receive a Fountain Jet - Seltzer Starter Kit. Even I would love one of these in our house.
This package includes:
  • Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker
  • 1 60 liter Carbonator
  • 1 Carbonating Bottle
  • Sodamix Variety 6 pack
Giveaway ends March 5th at 11:59pm, open to US Only, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mara's Pasta Review and Giveaway


I like to use pasta when cooking. I feel like it brings my cooking creativity out. I got to try Mara's Pasta rotini, spaghetti, and fettucine. I used the fettucine first and it was good. I made fettucine with alfredo sauce meat and veggies. 

I have cooked with other wheat pastas but this one tasted better and it was easier to cook. When I cook with wheat pastas I feel like they take forever to be done. This pasta was done in about 12 minutes. It has a great texture to it as well. Other ones have a weird indescribable texture but this one was smooth. 

Mara's Pasta is a very nutritious pasta. It is higher in protein and fiber than other whole grain pastas. It is made with a non-GMO grain. It is good for you and taste good. If you would like more information go to Mara's Pasta. To purchase the pasta go to Mara's Pasta Store.
I have been given the opportunity to do a giveaway for a gift box of Mara's Pasta. To enter please fill out the form below. Good luck!!

**Disclaimer: Mara's Pasta provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.**

Krave Jerky Review


I am a beef jerky lover. Krave jerky is the meatiest jerky I have ever had! I got to try five different flavors. I tried lemon garlic, sweet chipotle, pineapple orange, smoky grilled teriyaki, and chili lime. Out of all of them I could not pick a favorite because they were all so good, The one that stood out the most to me was the sweet chipotle. It has a spicy sweet taste. All of the jerkys made a great satisfying snack any time of the day. 

Krave jerky is not like other jerky out there. It does not have that tough rubbery feel to it and it is not as tough. You can actually break a piece off and not leave it looking stringy. Each flavor I tried was packed with flavor and tasted great. They are all very well seasoned as well. If you want a jerky packed with flavor then you need to try these! If you want more information on the jerky visit Krave Jerky.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided product to facilitate my review but this did not sway my review in any way. These are my opinions only and yours may differ.**

A Place I Loved


As a kid I would go to the library to get out of the house. I felt safe there and I loved to read so it was perfect for me. I used to go and read for hours upon hours. I loved to go there because I got away from my problems and was able to be in a quiet environment where I could think or just relax. I even did homework and research while I spent time there. I got very familiar with the Dewey decimal system. For those of you who don't know this is the system that was used to shelve books. 
As  a kid I used to want to be a librarian because I liked being there so much. As an adult I still visit the library but I am not able to spend as much there as I would like. I am only able to stop by and get a book and leave. I do want to start taking Christine to story times soon. I think she and I will enjoy that.
The Blog Dare on Bloggy Moms

BB Cream Review


I do not wear much makeup but when I got the chance to try BB cream I did not pass it up. I got the BB cream for fair skin tone. I have been using it for about two weeks and my skin is much more moisturized. When I have it on you can not even tell because it matches my skin tone so well. The beads in it blend in and adjust to your skin tone. It only take a little bit when using it. All you have to do to apply it is put it on your fingertips and blend it in.  Some creams you need a lot to feel like it is doing something but not this one. My skins texture is much smoother than it was before. The BB cream hides my rosy red cheeks which bother me a lot. I will keep using it until I run out and will probably buy more. I like how well it works and I like what it has done to my face. I definitely recommend it for anyone who want a hydrated imperfection free face. It sells for around $10.95 and you can get it at store such as Walmart and Target. If you want to find out more on the cream please visit L'ORÉAL PARIS USA

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was sent complimentary product to facilitate my review from She Speaks. These are my opinions only and yours may differ.**

Manna Bread Review/Giveaway


I am a sprouted breads lover. Ever since I tried a sprouted bread I knew it was something I wanted to incorporate into my diet. I was given the opportunity to try Manna Organics bread. I was sent the gluten free cinnamon raisin, the multigrain, the cinnamon date, and the fig fennel and flax breads. 

The cinnamon raisin bread is a gluten free bread. To me it was a little dry but add some butter and it was good to go. My family members likes it plain though. It had plenty of raisins in it to please us. This bread did come pre cut as well. It is great for breakfast or a snack.

The cinnamon date bread and the rest of the breads I got are sprouted whole grain breads. The cinnamon date was very moist and did not come pre cut. When I first opened the bread I thought it was going to be dry but as soon as you cut into it you can see how moist it is before even biting into it. I liked the cinnamon date bread toasted in the morning.

The multigrain bread was moist and tasted good. I like this bread with eggs in the morning. It was not pre cut but easy to cut. 

The fig, fennel, and flax was my favorite bread. It had so much flavor to it and was very moist. All of the toppings scared me at first but they added to the flavor of the bread. A little crunchiness on top helped make this my favorite of the four.

If you want to find out more information on sprouted breads visit Manna Organics. They have more information and you can find out where to purchase. If you would like to enter to win a case of four breads you can do by filling out the form below.   Good luck!!

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided complimentary product to facilitate my review from Manna Organics. These are my opinions only and yours may differ**

Two Moms in the Raw


Eating raw and organic food is good for you. I got the chance to try Two Moms in the Raw. As the name says they use only raw ingredients in their products. Their treats are organic, gluten free, Non-GMO, kosher, and vegan. Their products are also handmade in a kitchen about five minutes away from the founder of the companies house. It is a family run company that is actually based out of Colorado. I found that really neat because I live in Colorado but had never heard of them. They make granola, sea crackers nut bars, cereal, and truffles. I got to try the nut bars, granola, truffles, and sea crackers. 


I got to try the cranberry nut bars. To me they did look like something you should put outside for the birds. After you taste them you will not be sharing with any birds! They were so yummy and full of healthy nuts and fruits. I ate them as a snack or after a long workout and they gave me the energy I needed. These were one of my favorites and I will definitely purchase more.

I tried the goldenberry granola bars and loved them. These were my all time favorite product that I got to try. There are four in a box and they are the perfect snack size. They are chewy crunchy granola bars with fruit and granola. These were so yummy even Christine liked them. I had to hide from her if I wanted to eat one by myself and not share it. 

Now to the sea crackers.  I was not fond of these but I think it was the flavor and not the actual crackers. I was given the garden herb flavor. I am not a garden herb person. I never like anything with the word herb in it. I did like the texture and taste of the crackers themselves though. I think if I were to grab another box of a different flavor I would enjoy them more.

These are the best organic truffles ever! They taste just like a brownie. They are ball shaped made of chocolate and have nuts in them. They are called almond butter cacao truffles and I highly recommend trying these if you have a sweet tooth. I did not want to share these with anyone because they were so Heavenly.

I really enjoyed trying Two Moms in the Raw and am definitely going to pick some up on my next Whole Foods trip. I hope it is soon because I ate everything I was sent. If you would like more information or want to find out how or where to purchase their products please go to Two Moms in the Raw.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was sent complimentary products from Two Moms in the Raw to facilitate my review. My review was not swayed in any way and is my opinion only yours may differ.**

I'll never have my alone time again!


I love Christine but I really miss being home alone during the day. I can not wait until she is in school. I think it is bad right now because she is teething. She sure can frustrate me when I am trying to get homework or a review done. When ever I try to get something done she decides that is when she wants my attention. Right now she is pulling my hair and pretend crying. I knew parenting would be hard but geez. I guess it would be much easier if I was not a blogger or a student. But I am so I need to come up with some way to keep her occupied while I get my work done. Is there something that you feel you will never have again? Please feel free to share with me.

                                                              The Blog Dare on Bloggy Moms

MPM Birthday celebration iPad2 Giveaway



It’s a MPM Birthday Celebration Event

We are so excited to give you a chance to win an iPad 2! I bet you are excited to enter too!
iPad 2 Specs:
Wifi Color: Black Apple iOS 4, Apple A5 1 GHz. It has 16 GB integrated. 9.7" IPS TFT , LED backlight and Multi-Touch. 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR , 21.2 oz. Camera: Front: 0.7 MP, Back: 0.7 MP

ipad 2

One winner will receive iPad 2 {Wifi, 16GB, Black}

Giveaway ends March 4th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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YumEarth Candy Valentines Event Giveaway (Ends 2/14)


Welcome to the YumEarth Candy Valentine's Event

Have your candy and it eat it too with Yum Earth Organic Candy!

Yummy earth MPM button

Sponsored by YumEarth the #1 organic candy company in the United States!

Hosted by: Mom Powered Media

A big thank you to Mom Powered Media partners for organizing this event: Mom to Bed by 8, Powered by Mom, Real Mom Reviews and Baby Costcutters

Special thanks to our co-host: The Biz Mommy

About YumEarth Candy No more artificial colors or flavors, no major allergens (ie: gluten, nuts and dairy) AND NO high-fructose corn syrup! You won't find any of these in YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears and Lollipops as they are made with real fruit juice and other planet-friendly and natural ingredients. Better yet each serving provides 100% of daily vitamin C and has less than 70 calories! YumEarth has 22 flavors along with other yummy candies such as Sour Worms, Candy Drops & Sour Beans. Now you can definitely have your candy and eat it too without the guilt and worry about what is going into your and your kids bodies! 22 YumEarth Candy is also very reasonably priced with shipping for only $2.99 or FREE shipping when your order is over $39! A great way to combine orders with friends and when you or the kids have a sweet craving you can enjoy some with YumEarth good for us, good for Mother Earth.