Need a new bible for the new year? Everyday Matters Bible for Women Review

Title: Everyday Matters Bible for Women
ISBN-10: 1598567055 
ISBN-13: 978-1598567052 
 Format: Hard Cover  
 Pages: 1603

Note: I am not reviewing the actual content of the bible but the added publishers features of it.

       This bible has many features to help with your studying. It contains Everyday Matters, Everyday Profiles, Everyday Q&A's, and Everyday reflections. It also contains 24 spiritual practices like prayer and worship. These are each represented by a colored icon which will be next to the passages that they fit with.

Everyday matters: These are two paged articles which are used to introduce themes related to the spiritual practices discussed in the book or chapter you are reading. 
Everyday profiles: The profile will highlight women in the bible who used certain spiritual disciplines in their lives.
Everyday Q&A's: The question and answers contain questions which may be hard to answer and that would make you think and their answers. 
Everyday Reflections: These take lessons and go deeper into detail and make them personal to you. 
These added features make this bible excellent for a bible study group. Actually in the back of the bible there is a guide on how to run a small bible study group using this particular bible. I have found that these features have helped my study of the word tremendously.  
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**Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this review. I did receive a complimentary copy of the bible to facilitate my review from Christian Women Affiliate. These are my opinions only.**


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