My Baby is one today!

My baby girl is 1 today!! I can not believe how fast a year has gone by. It really feels like yesterday that I was in the hospital having her. There is another exciting thing about this post, it is my 200th post! I was not sure my blog would make it where it is today. I am so happy and never thought my life would be where it is either. 

Christine is now a walker! She is all over the place and we finally had to baby proof the apartment. She is still a nursing baby but eats solids. She eats just like we do. This was my motivation to eat healthier. She now says mama and daddy. She really likes to listen to music and dance. She is a very smart little girl and she gets smarter every day. We are still cosleeping and I will admit that it sucks. I am not able to move around like I want because she likes to nurse a lot at night. I have tried to get her to sleep in her crib but nothing works. She will go to the doctor on Friday and her her shots. I am looking forward to seeing how much bigger she has gotten. I am happy to have such a happy healthy little girl.

Happy first birthday my baby girl Christine!!


  1. Happy Birthday, my sweetie. You are lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy! Love you both.

  2. Aww, stopped by from the Alexa thread, but had to stop and say happy birthday to your little girl. She is such a sweetie.
    My son will be 1 on Feb 17th! Exactly a month younger.