Got dry hands?? I found the solution!


Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream is great on those cracked, dry hands. When I received it my fingers were cracked really bad. I started using it and in about 3 days my hands were seeing a huge improvement. They got softer and the cracks started to heal. Each time I used it I only had to use a dab! Other creams you have to lather on to see an effect but not this one. They got softer and the cracks started to heal. 

See how bad they are in this pic? At this point they even hurt.

This is them after a few days of using the cream. You can really see the difference. If you have not tried this cream yet you need to! You can find it in stores like Walmart and Target. It starts around $3.50 and up depending on size. To learn more about it go to Neutrogena's Website.

**Disclosure: I did receive a complimentary product from This does not change that these are my opinions of the product and nothing more. I was not compensated for this review.**