Everything was normal

Ok I will admit I don't think my life has ever been normal. I had a hard childhood and made my adulthood even harder. When I met Elton I felt like my life was finally normal. After six years of being together we were blessed with out beautiful baby girl and that is when things went out of the "norm" for us. She changed our lives and made us both better people. I think as she gets older we will get into more of a routine and feel back in our "norm." She will be one on Thursday but we still do not really have a routine set when it comes to taking care of her. Maybe this is our "norm." Time will only tell.

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  1. Hello! I just found your blog on Bloggy Moms and I'm excited to follow your blog!

  2. Nothing is ever "normal" when it comes to kids. Enjoy it!

  3. normal is whatever you want it to be. happy birthday to your daughter!