A Marriage of the Heart (Three Amish Novellas) Review

A Marriage of the Heart
Author: Kelly Long

A Marriage of the Heart is a collection of three Amish Novellas. The first one is A Perfect Secret. It is about a girl names Rose and her fiancee named Luke. Luke and Rose have been best friends for a long time and have finally decided to marry. Luke is leading a secret life that Rose does not know about. Will it tear them apart or will it bring them even closer? Only the truth and time will tell. 
The second book is called Christmas Cradles. In this book a character named Anna Stolis ends up taking over for her aunt as the local midwife. She ends up overwhelmed on Christmas night with multiple deliveries but a handsome man named Asa comes to help her out.
The third story is called A Marriage of the Heart. In this story Abigail is the main character. She has been living with her father since her mother passed away. She does not like living in the old farm house and would do anything to get away. She ends up marrying a newcomer to their community but does she find true love?

I really enjoyed reading these three stories. I enjoy myself a good love story. The first book really kept me guessing with what was happening and what would happen next. The only hard part about reading these stories was that they use Pennsylvania dutch words. I did get a little confused even after reading the glossary in the beginning. All of the stories were love stories and had very good plots. They were easy to follow. The books were an easy fast read as well. From a love with a secret to a busy midwife to a marriage too soon, these stories had it all. If you like love stories you should definitely read these novellas.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided an E Book to facilitate my review. This review is my opinion only and yours may differ.**


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