A chip made to dip (RW Garcia Review)

I was sent 7 bags of RW Garcia chips. As you can see I got 2 Mixtbags and 5 bags of dippers. Some of my favorite flavors were blue corn and  curry and mango. I was surprised that I liked the curry and mango because I am not a huge fan of curry but these taste great. 
Don't you hate when your tortilla chips are too salty? Well RW Garcia's Mixtbags were not too salty at all. I usually can only eat a few tortilla chips and the sides of my lips start to get numb from the salt. That did not happen with these tortilla chips. Now to the part I loved most about these chips. The dippers really are awesome for dipping. I used them in guacamole and picante sauce. I am sure they would taste great in any kind of dip.

As you can see they are shaped to dip with. Each bag of dippers I received was a different flavor. There were blue corn, curry and mango, English cheddar, and himilayan pink salt and tellicherry cracked pepper. The Mixt bags had red, blue, and yellow tortilla chips in them.
All of RW Garcia's products are 100% all natural, organic, non GMO verified, gluten free, and fat free. They are a healthy snack alternative to other chips out there. If you would like to find out more please visit RW Garcia's website

**Disclosure: I did receive free products to facilitate a review but was not compensated for this review. These are my opinions only.**


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