What is the point?

Do you do new years resolutions?

As I became an adult I realized that resolutions for me are pointless. I would set unrealistic goals and never ever follow through with them. I decided a couple years ago that I would just set goals as I go. It is much easier for me to set them as I go than to set a lot of them at the beginning of the year. 

I am definitely not perfect the way I am. I have a lot of stuff that I have to work on but it will take much longer than a year to get where I want to be.  I do have goals that I plan to work on more.

1.) I have a goal of reading my bible once a day and getting closer to God.
2.) I have a goal to do well in school 
3.) I have a goal to spend time with my family and make memories and start traditions with Christine
4.) I have a goal of getting my finances in order. I have been working on this for quite a while.
5.) As a family we have a goal of setting up a savings account for Christine for college.
6.) I have a goal to grow my blog as well. I want more followers for it.

My list is not long but it grows as I take new steps in my life. How long is your list??


  1. efinitely need to work on my goals for the coming year.. and keep them handy !!!